Your stories

In Eastbourne we worked closely with different sections of the community to build the tools they needed. Today their screens deliver a blend of automated information from the local authority and their own local content. Here are some of their stories…

(apologies for the wobbly, low-fi video and dubious interview technique!)



Today in Eastbourne large hotels like Hydro, New Wilmington and Lansdowne are using NowScreen.

Jonathan Owen, General Manager of 81 bedroom Hydro Hotel explains how the screen in his bar helps lead to repeat bookings. Since this interview he has installed our multi-room system into all bedrooms as well.


Community centre

Leaf Hall Cafe | Seaside, Eastbourne
Gina tells us why they’ve been involved since the start and how centre visitors benefit directly.



Crown & Anchor | Seaside Road, Eastbourne
Heidi on conversion from reluctant adopter to system advocate. And why she’s buying a bigger screen.


Leisure centres

Eastbourne public leisure centres
Ted Monteith, Sports Centres Manager

“Nowscreen is a fantastic addition to our facility. Not only can we place ads on screens in all our of our Sports centres, but we can link with other venues within Eastbourne. We’re promoting to a wider audience with no extra cost.”