What are we doing now? – Jan 2016

Currently, January 4 2016, we’re doing the following:

Marketing – developing an awareness campaign to support the growth of the screen network. We need to grow the network and we need people to understand what the service offers now and in the future. This has involved identifying various groups we need to market to and working on the message we should be pushing to each. Working back this has helped us to understand how this blog (see below) will develop into a brochure site and eventually something fully functioning.

Blogging – we’re determined to be very clear and open about our process and reasoning, so we’ve kicked off this blog as a record of our activity.

Procuring – writing documents and specifications to allow us to hire two suppliers to help grow and support the screen network

Programming – updating the way the system handles dates to allow us to work more seamlessly with data feeds from Visit Eastbourne. Readying the system for user accounts which are necessary for custom content.

Our lead developer, Rob, is working notice at his previous job and is only currently able to work on EBNow and Nowscreen during train journeys and in the evening, when family life allows. This is as a result of the speed at which the project was funded and finalised. That’s life. Our team will be at full strength mid February.

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