Weather is done

An obvious need for visitors and locals in the UK’s sunniest town is to know exactly how much sun tan lotion they’ll need to apply. So Theo and I built a live weather forecast slide.

Screen users are currently mostly hotel visitors or locals enjoying leisure time. We wanted the new slide to be useful for planning their day, and we wanted the information to be very clear and easy to understand in just a couple of seconds.

It receives live Met Office data and shows the current conditions and the forecast for three and six hours ahead. The graphics are simple, the information presented in an understandable order. Blocks of background colour distinguish night from day.

Venue owners will see this ‘widget’ when they look at their ‘edit playlist’ screen. Like all the content types it just needs dragging into the active column to add it to a NowScreen playlist.

Visually, the colours are drawn from Eastbourne’s newly launched brand, so the experience is consistent for the viewer. Next we’re working on a slide to show tide times.



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