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Scheduling is done

Scheduling is one of the most common asks we’ve had from venue owners. Content expires (obviously) and they shouldn’t have to manually remove it. Plus it’s never too early to create a few Turkey & Tinsel adverts and park them until Santa’s arrival.

Like everything else in the NowScreen venue admin, we wanted to keep this functionality really simple. Primarily so users just get it and not need training. But also because it fits in with our ethos of shipping early and often.

Here’s my first sketch.


And here’s the version we shipped.


You’ll see there’s not much difference between the two. The only major change was dropping the third column showing expired slides. We decided that there was too much on the screen and it would be a headache to use on phones and tablets.

Here’s what scheduling includes now:

  • Set a start and end date/ time on every item of content
  • Show expired items as red
  • Hide any item of content temporarily
  • Name any item of content (so you can quickly spot what you need to edit)

Scheduling took 2 weeks from sketch to shipping – we’re pretty pleased with that. And venue owners are giving us plenty of great feedback for the next version.

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