Our story

A couple of years ago four of us decided to try and do some stuff which might be good for our home town, Eastbourne, and all communities.

Theo, then 15, had an idea. “I’d like to kill the notice board, he thought…

We used low cost, scalable technology and our own software. We made sure we talked to our users and built what they needed.

Today, partly funded through community grants, our project has breathed new life into 300 screens in Eastbourne which no longer need to show rolling BBC news. Or most often nothing at all.

Now they share centrally managed, often automated, community info using local data triggers like weather, tide times and sea conditions. Plus whatever the screen owner wants to show visitors and residents. It’s an engaging mix.

Simple tools empower even worried technophobes and our architecture means the sky’s the limit for any community network.

Now we’re looking for others to join the story.


Meet our team

Theo Pilbeam

Then a 15 year old student at Cavendish School, looking for a suitable digital project in pursuit of a Crest Award. Now 20 and in his third year of University

Will Callaghan

A product manager who at the time worked for Government Digital Service. Will runs his own digital consultancy and set up TechResort with Adam and others to teach young people how to code and make

Adam McNaught-Davis

A design/ brand/ content marketing consultant and supporter of Eastbourne Town Team

Rob Price

Then a senior developer with Bauer magazine group, now a local developer and and member of various great community groups


Theo in action

Here’s some pictures of Theo installing NowScreens around Eastbourne


New Wilmington lounge trial


People Matter nowscreen install