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For a couple of years we’ve been working to help address a problem many had identified in our local community:

Effective, low-cost, low-human resource, instant, engaging, messaging. (And less mess.)

Today we handed the keys over to Annie Wills at Eastbourne Borough Council.

Now there are some 300 screens in 40 great locations around Eastbourne helping the local authority improve the experience of visitors and raise the awareness of residents.

Annie is equipped with (Raspberry Pi-based) infrastructure to instantly communicate, and the ability to scale, with unique tools which empower partners in hospitality and community.

It’s a genuine ecosystem.

It wasn’t easy to convince some people this would work for them.
Screen owners were sometimes reluctant.

But when we built tools to enable them to communicate with their audiences too, when this became a blend of centralised useful information and the ability to slot localised promotions in, we started to motor.

Any community – your community?

About a year ago we started to realise this wasn’t just about our community.

We had begun to use data to trigger messaging. In turn this began greatly reducing the impact on human resource behind the scenes, while simultaneously improving engagement.

That’s better, highly relevant, messaging with less effort.

Any community has a lot to say to members and visitors. The tendency is to put a poster up. But one poster becomes lots. Then flyers. Then business cards. Some communities use intranets, but, actually, the impact is (although cheaper and less messy,) quite similar; a lack of clarity.

University and corporate campuses, tourism communities, any local authority will have faced this challenge.

We’ve decided NowScreen’s future should be true to its roots. For us that’s much less about a digital signage solution (which, in many ways it is) and more as a tool for communities looking to solve that age old problem – engaging with their people.

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