New Wilmington – EBNow across bedroom TV network


One supportive hotel owner asked to trial the service in bedrooms.

We’d been approached about this before and turned down the request based on the lack of a coax cable network, coupled with unreliability of hotel wifi networks and the original Android dongle’s limitations with weak signals.

However, with advice from Eastbourne’s Network Factory, and a coax setup in place at the New Wilmington Hotel there was an opportunity to pilot a feature which could really impact the network’s reach and add value for the hotel.

The hotel’s digitally aware owner Jeremy was willing to invest in hardware which fed EBNow into the local TV network. It cost about £1,000, and we shared the costs with Jeremy.

The system worked, and Jeremy was able to set EBNow up as a channel which appeared on every TV first when it was switched on.

Richard from Network Factory worked with the hotel to establish the likely causes of teething problems – again relating primarily to wifi.

And currently Richard is waiting for the hotel to make some network modifications. But we have been able to demonstrate that the service is achievable and will run at this and other hotels with relatively low investment.

We believe this could be a really big deal going forward and we’ll post more info here when we have it.

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