Larger installs

Recently we’ve been asked to deploy NowScreen in larger numbers for individual clients. These include a series of sports centres, a corporate setting and a college campus. Here’s a little about each.

Sports centres

The Sovereign Centre in Eastbourne, operated by Serco, has replaced a conventional usb datastick-driven presentation with NowScreen in its high footfall reception area and added a new screen in its gym facility. This means they can update the screens remotely and control the content instantly, as well as automating a lot of what’s shown.
Eastbourne’s other three sports centres (all operated directly by Eastbourne Borough Council) have also each got screens in reception areas. The team are using them to help cross pollinate their offer to each centre, meaning regulars at one facility see what’s on at the others.


Identity, a fast-growing events and brand agency based in Westham near Eastbourne, has five devices after introducing NowScreen as part of a large extension. They feed screens which face different team workspaces and let the company share key info. This can be automated and data driven – creating useful live dashboards for different departments.


Sussex Downs College is planning to roll out 20 devices across the campus in coming weeks. Our very own Theo studied at the college and bosses were keen to tap into the technology as well as showcase alumni work. With an internal network of this size they will be able to group screens, harnessing one of the powerful system capabilities, to speed up management of the content as well as make it more engaging for viewers. They could also use them for emergency announcements. Media students will also create content for the network while computer programmers will be able to build new widgets for it.

More on this soon.

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