Hydro goes multi screen

The Hydro hotel in Eastbourne has grown its NowScreen network to include all of its 81 bedrooms.

As well as the NowScreen in the busy bar area Andrew from APIT today installed a second device which plugs into the internal TV network.

Guests see local information slides when TVs are initially switched on. And hotel bosses can send daily offers and promotions directly to rooms.

It’s a similar system to the New Wilmington Hotel, where one NowScreen device feeds 60+ bedrooms and the bar area screen.

But because The Hydro has two devices it can send different content to the bar and bedrooms. This means messages can be more specific, and therefore relevant, to the audience. In The Hydro’s case this is important because it caters for locals and tourists.

Read earlier posts on the evolving story of multi room installations here and here.

The science bit

Here’s a diagram showing how Andrew configured the Hydro Hotel’s multi-room set up. Not everyone will find this interesting!


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