Automatically curated content that empowers and engages

We’re using low cost, scalable technology to engage communities with smart, data driven content

Put simply, we can help you say what your people need to know at the moment and place it’s most likely to be engaging

It’ll improve knowledge, cohesion, culture and sentiment in your people

The applications are endless


Powerful features

Simple to set up

Using your phone, tablet or computer, just pick a wi-fi network and enter your details. Or plug into an Ethernet network if you prefer

Drag and drop admin

Pick an app you’d like to show, edit a few settings and press publish when you’re done. Your box updates in less than 60 seconds

Let data curate

Triggers allow you to set when certain content should show. Or not. So set up once, then do something more interesting instead

Compelling content

YouTube videos

Our Raspberry Pi 3 powered devices eat video for breakfast. Show what you like, when you like. Including YouTube live streaming

Public data

If an API exists we can build for it. Past examples include Met Office weather, National Rail, tide times and even news via Twitter

Roll your own

Clean Air Eastbourne wanted to show live air quality data on our network, and we had them up and running in under a day

What’s included

Venues can control their own content

Network owners can control some or all content

Screens can be grouped how you like

We use Raspberry Pi 3 hardware and our own cloud platform. It’s easy to prototype your ideas so please get in touch!

Existing slide types include:
Google Slides
Twitter news
Train times
Tide times
Custom event feeds
Air quality data