Programmatically curated content that empowers and engages

We’re doing interesting stuff harnessing low cost, scalable technology (Raspberry Pi); helping engage communities with smart, data-driven content.

The resulting awareness improves knowledge, cohesion, culture and sentiment in your people.

The applications for local authorities, universities and larger employers are many.
But, put simply, we can help you say what your people need to know at the moment and place it’s most likely to be engaging.

We do this by plugging into data and intelligent buildings to both generate and trigger content.
NowScreen smart cloud software does the rest.
The result is a digital notice board network, using screens you may already have, that show the message viewers need, now.

Our first project was with Eastbourne, a leading UK tourist destination and thriving community.
Local leaders wanted to engage residents and visitors using an ecosystem of screens in their properties and partners’.

We’ve turned around 300 TVs into a network, helping share mainly automated, live information contextually and immediately.
It’s engaging audiences, it’s generating revenue and it’s helping to glue Eastbourne’s communities together through better awareness.

Would this help your community?

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