Highlights update – project 1

It’s been a hectic few weeks. Here’s the update.

NowScreens are now in 17 locations with several more due online shortly. Here’s the map.

Three hotels have now signed up for or expressed interest in an in-bedroom solution, where the NowScreen channel is fed into the local TV network. The hardware costs have come down making the option more accessible – around £500.

Rob will report in detail shortly. But the highlights: The Visit Eastbourne module is built and will soon feed their data onto network screens. The slides will look something like the below. They’ll show special and featured events taking place in the next week.


Visit Eastbourne and individual screen owners will be able to share their own content too, via Google Slides. So, for example, Nelson Coffee Co’s screen will display useful Eastbourne event info as well as their shop offers or news, using a familiar tool for creating slides. They can control their venue’s content from a browser, anywhere.

Cleverly each user could control multiple NowScreens and group these together if necessary, perhaps as a hotel chain or a large building with lots of screens. They’ll be able to send whatever content they want to each group of screens or individual screen.

Each users’ admin screen will look a bit like the below. You can see how they will select which content types they would like to display and use them to create a playlist. Once saved the playlist will update the NowScreen or group of NowScreens remotely, wherever it is.




Our side we’ll shortly be aware when a NowScreen is on, off or down, prompting a remote reboot or site visit. As this and other networks grow we’ll be able to manage each new customer’s NowScreen.

The first of three projects funded by a grant from the DCLG after the pier fire of 2014 is nearly over. Shortly we’ll embark on the second which is likely to include these new features, some of which have been asked for by users.

The ability for screen owners to show:

  • Train times
  • Tide times
  • Weather
  • Video

We’re also going to research and test ways for end users to easily take information they see on a screen with them. These might include NFC/iBeacon technology as well as more conventional methods, like print outs.

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