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What if you automatically gave your community better choices…?

You publish less… but somehow your people know more – do more

We’re the start-up making data the curator for your screen network

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Designed by our community for your community


We built NowScreen with progressive local authorities and community groups in mind

  • Smart advertising drives revenue
  • Admin controls for partners
  • Grow and maintain cheaply
  • Pilot and deploy rapidly


We can plug into HE and FE data to deliver automated custom content when and where it’s most relevant

  • Event data integration
  • Trigger content automatically
  • Upload Google Slides
  • Pilot fast at low cost


Set up dynamic internal messaging to improve cohesion, knowledge and efficiency

  • Live dashboards
  • EpoS dynamic food promos
  • Emergency announcements
  • Share news and events

“Nowscreen is a fantastic addition to our facility. Not only can we place ads on screens in all our of our Sports centres, but we can link with other venues within Eastbourne. We’re promoting to a wider audience with no extra cost.”

Ted Monteith, Sports Centres Manager


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