Local communities

NowScreen is smart digital signage for all communities by a community, and has been developed with the needs of progressive, digital-first, UK local authorities in mind.

  • Smart advertising modules drive revenue
  • Empower partners with screen admin
  • Grow and maintain network cheaply
  • Pilot and deploy rapidly


Campus communities

NowScreen plugs into FE & HE data to enhance built in features for delivering automated and custom digital signage content when and where it’s most relevant.

  • Integrate feeds of events and activities
  • Schedule messages behind data triggers
  • Create and serve content instantly
  • Pilot fast at low cost


Corporate communities

Quickly establish dynamic internal messaging to improve cohesion, knowledge and efficiency within a corporate community over any geographic area.

  • Integrate your data to generate / trigger content
  • Create live dashboards
  • Use EpoS for dynamic food spot promos
  • Broadcast emergency announcements